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'Tis the season

Christmas is 15 days away – the Christmas tree is up along with most of the decorations! The festive season of course starts with me bringing out the Christmas resources that I have loved using over the past years and a few that I would like to explore. I realised that I get most of my Christmas resources through my membership at the Curious Piano Teachers - wonderful teaching community based in the UK, but I have tried to recommend some other resources too!

Andrea @ Wunderkeys/TeachPianoToday: Many free resources. She is so generous with her games, posters and worksheets. There is a lot, so I encourage you to explore both sites. My favourites this season have been – Christmas Teen Improv, Note Reading Wordsearch, her Wunderkeys Christmas resource guide.

Teach piano Today:

Wunderkeys: Subscribe to her page to get access to these materials

Susan Paradis: When I started storing her resources, they were free to use. However, now I can see that she has a store to purchase her items – and why not? Her resources definitely add the ‘fun’ element in your lessons. Top picks – Snowman note name bingo [game], Light up the tree, Musical Christmas Lights, Ornament Notes Website:

Curious Piano Teachers: They are offering one-month free trial if you would like to check the community. I joined 3 years ago and have not regretted it one bit! Lots of resources! If that’s not possible at the moment, check out the freebie this month – Sound Story Giveaway. Really cute to use with young learners. Website:

Nicola Cantan @ colourfullkeys: Her resources are so full of colour (as her website name)! I get most of her resources through CPT but do check out her blog for a bunch of ideas.

Top picks – Adornment, Striking Stockings (paid). Her freebie going around this week – Reindeer Race!

Kristen @ myfunpianostudio: Christmas Worksheets -

Pianimation: A variety of cool free resources! (Trim the tree was my go-to Christmas craft activity)

Wendy Stevens @ ComposeCreate: Freebie - (Just found this gem), Also, Holiday Tune Flashcards and Who am I?

Remember to like and subscribe to these websites to make sure you get their emails for tips and resources! Hope you enjoy using them as much as I do!

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