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Asynchronous Learning! [Technique]

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As we continue to teach virtually, there are also many opportunities to promote independent student work. I have started to use an asynchronous platform (still under review), along with YouTube to send students videos on repertoire, technique or theory. So my lessons are a form of blended learning!

What is blended learning? Using synchronous and asynchronous methods simultaneously.

  • Synchronous learning takes place in real-time, where a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time on zoom/face-face.

  • Asynchronous online teaching is where teaching materials are posted online, and learners work through them in their own time, communicating with each other and the teacher via discussion boards or forums, or even by email.

Below you will find videos on a few scales and arpeggios that students have found most useful. I use some tricks to help students remember the patterns. They have started preparing their technical work on their own! Once we have the patterns in place, we work on making it more musical and giving it shape.

... More to follow!

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